What an 82-year-old high school can teach about reforming law enforcement

The author's high school when it opened in 1939.

Why would you want to disband your police department?

When discussing police reform, ideas frequently come up that can sound extreme, unrealistic, even scary. We hear words like "defund" or "disband" and it's easy to misunderstand the intentions behind them. When discussion turns to defunding or disbanding police forces, some unscrupulous types like to take advantage of that misunderstanding, and frame the debate as a choice between anarchy and the status quo.

Far from it. This is about fixing something that isn’t working the way it should. It might be difficult for some of us to face, but there are…

Finding my own reasons

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Coming out, for anyone who identifies as LGBT, can be a difficult decision, especially for those who have kept their secret successfully for a long time.

As a straight-leaning, late-discovered bisexual, you could say I’ve been successful. Even I thought I was completely heterosexual until a few years ago. And even now, maintaining that identity is not a problem. I’m married to a woman, have never cheated, and don’t intend to. I love my wife. I’ve gotten along fine as a straight man so far. My same-sex attraction, in practical terms, has mostly just added variety to masturbation. …

The cartoon that launched a journey of bisexual discovery

Image via author, all rights reserved.

Realizing in my 40s that I might not be entirely heterosexual was an experience that made me question a lot of what I thought I knew about sexuality.

I believed what I’d always heard, that people who were LGBT always knew it, always felt it from childhood. Yet here I was, entering middle age and practically stumbling across feelings that seemed increasingly homosexual.

I say “increasingly” because it didn’t happen all at once.

I was never "vanilla"

Let me explain. I’m a 49-year-old, married, closeted (for now) bisexual man, an identity I’ve only recently come to recognize and appreciate. To understand how I discovered…

It’s something you hear quite often. Bisexuals are underrepresented. We might be the most numerous of the LGBTQ community, but we’re not visible. Not enough of us are coming out.

I think my own story might shed some light on why at least some bisexuals are reluctant to be open about their bisexuality.

As you have probably figured out, I'm bisexual. I am a 49-year-old bisexual husband and father in a heterosexual marriage. My sexual experience has been exclusively with the opposite sex, but I am sexually attracted to both men and women. …

Les Campbell

Les Campbell (pseudonym) is a middle-aged, married, bisexual, neurodivergent humanist, ecomodernist and skeptic.

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